Scene Analysis

Often evidence is overlooked in the initial investigation and crucial evidence can be missed or overlooked. We can travel to the crash scene and inspect the area for any missed possible contributing factors such as line of sight obstructions, roadway conditions, proper signage etc. or gather further measurements needed to complete a more comprehensive investigation.

Rebuttal Reports

Midwest Reconstruction Specialties can review reports submitted by other experts or agencies. Our intention in reviewing these reports on your behalf is to discover any of the following:

  • Incorrect assumptions that might impact calculations results
  • Faulty input date – from vehicle damage information, scene measurement data, or other raw data sources
  • Incorrect interpretation of evidence
  • Oversights in evidence reviews
  • Mistakes in calculations
  • Improper methods or procedures in relation to best practices
  • Improper use of computer software to calculate, simulate or animate results

I do not engage in nit-picking irrelevant issues but am focused on discovering issues which could impact the outcome of the case. We might simple tell your after a short review that essentially the report is correct and it may not be beneficial to deliver a formal rebuttal report. In that case, we will give you some tips on cross examination questions that might assist you.

If an important issues is discovered with the accuracy of the report, a comprehensive report outlying the problems will be delivered and support for our opinion will be provided wherever appropriate.

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