Accident Reconstruction

MIDWEST RECONSTRUCTION SPECIALTIES can answer many important questions regarding single, two, or multi vehicle collisions.

All investigations are well documented in detailed reports. Some of the technical aspects that can be resolved in a typical reconstruction include speed analysis, time-distance relationships, occupant kinematics, and vehicle damage assessment.

If a case is being prepared for trial, we have access to large-scale color diagrams and forensic crash animation.

Information on pre-crash, impact, and post-crash (the 3 phases of a crash) is compiled to best determine how the event (accident, collision, failure) happened. Examination of the crash scene, and reconstruction of collision events using mathematical calculations based primarily on momentum, energy, and restitution equations. This typically entails physical inspection and damage documentation of the damaged vehicles that may include passenger cars, light trucks and motorcycles.

The usual issues investigated are:

  • The pre impact vehicle locations
  • Vehicle positions prior to impact to determine possible avoidance
  • Speed Analysis
  • Vehicle Rollovers
  • Impact location
  • The magnitude of the impact - in terms of potential to cause injury
  • Seat Belt Usage
  • If not worn, would the seatbelts have reduced injury magnitude
  • Occupant positioning
  • Impact Severity
  • Driver Actions
  • Perception / Reaction time
  • Accident Causal Factors
  • Collision Avoidance
  • Time Distance Calculations
  • Environmental issues
  • Line of Sight / Visibility issues that may affect crash avoidance - often requires site survey
  • Mechanical Defects / Failures
  • Tire Failure
  • Lamp Analysis

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